"ADORE" Luxury Mink Lashes

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ADORE - Luxury Mink Lashes 
Full, thick and bold with lengthy patterns of longer and shorter hairs for a dramatic look for all the drama queens.

Beautify and accentuate your eyes with our fabulous collection of Luxury Mink Lashes! We offer 5 exclusive styles for the various looks you would love to achieve. Styles range from natural and flirty to extreme head turning and heavier bold looks; either way, you're grabbing all the deserved attention! Our mink fur strip eyelashes are designed with care and style, made of 100% mink fur for exceptionally high-end & luxurious real-looking lashes!

Trim sides of eyelash band to fit the width of your eyes, apply lash adhesive on bands, and carefully apply Luxury Mink Lashes along your natural lash line.

To take Luxury Mink Lashes off, soak Q-tip with water or makeup remover & gently rub onto band, let soak for some seconds. Gently peel lashes off by gripping the band and not the mink fur to remove.
To clean Luxury Mink Lashes, rinse lashes in warm soap, pay dry with paper towel & use a tweezer to carefully and gently remove all remaining glue residue along the bands making sure to not tug on band. Rinse the band with warm water avoiding the fur. Lastly, pat dry gently, and place back into original tray for reshaping and reuse!

100% mink fur.
Lifetime of 20-30 wears.
Black plastic compact container with clear window frame; clear tray containing actual lashes.
Cruelty-free. Handmade.

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