Brush Spa Cleaning Mat

Brush Spa Cleaning Mat

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Brush Spa Cleaning Mat
Available in Magenta, Mint, Pink, & Purple.

New & innovative! It is an effective silicone cleaning mat that will forever change the way you wash your makeup brushes! Don't delay & dread the traditional process anymore - cut the time in half! Easy, effective & fast! With 7 unique patented surface textures cutting through residue & built-up makeup & help deep clean - 5 suction cups on back of mats to securely fasten onto sink with superior grip for a stable cleaning surface! Give your brushes the spa time of their life!

Dampen makeup brush, apply/add your choice of cleanser onto brush (for solid & liquid cleanser) or to mat (for liquid cleanser). To deep clean, make small swirling motions with makeup brush through all 7 patterns on the mat. Then, rinse and swirl brush some more with running water to rinse off remaining residue & cleanser!

Liquid dish soap works like a miracle as a liquid makeup brush cleaner!

Made of 100% Silicone.
4.8 inches x 5.5 inches in dimension.
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